:: Sigtag Club ::

I am no longer updating the members area with sigtags.  There is an archive of them inside the members area that you may download and personalize for yourself only.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


I do have a monthly sigtag club that I like to hold when my muse allows me to be creative.  There are times that my club may be a little slow and inactive, but this is because of lack of inspiration. :(  I can only create when my muse allows me to and I can go with the flow when the creativity hits.  I'm very particular about my work and too much of a perfectionist, so my graphics have to be 100% perfect before I put them out for my members to request.  If I don't think they are good enough, I believe no one else will. :(  Just the way I am I guess.

The only type of membership I offer for the siggie club is lifetime only.  That way I do not have to mess around with monthly memberships and keep adding on time for everyone if I should go through spurts of inactivity, or real life gets in the way.  If you would love to be a member of my siggie club, I would love to have you!  All siggies are top quality and put together with lots of love ♥  

My siggie club is operated through email only and you request your goodies that you want for the month through my blinkie gallery.  You are able to request whatever you'd like that I have at my gallery.  I often like to spice things up for my club members to make it a lot more fun!  There may be times that I could throw in a small tube set, allow you to request old retired graphics, do give aways for a siggie package, and even hold a "theme" especially around certain times of the year or holidays!

If you are interested and would love to see samples of my work, please visit my blinkie gallery.  The link is located to your left under purchaseware.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Cost of a lifetime membership is $12.50

If you are interested, please just drop me an email! :)

[email protected]